Business Mentors

Helping you to build the foundations needed to start and grow a successful business & supporting you through your journey


Online training with tutor support to help you gain the skills required to run your own business


With help raising investment capital to our own Newswire service, these are just some of the ways we are here to support you.

Our Mission

Our mission to to support ALL those in the Borough of Wandsworth who are looking to start or grow a business.

By helping those with the entrepreneurial thinking to build better foundations, by offering tailored training courses, matching them with the right business mentor and helping to raise the capital investments they require, we become the social enterprise that creates opportunities for those who are under represented in the community and do not have access to the tools required to achieve long-term financial independence, this is our ultimate goal. 

Life Force Hub mentors


Online training supported by tutors that offer nationally recognised qualifications.

A range of business courses that will give you the skills in areas such as IT, finance, customer relations, communications and digital media.

Life Force Hub mentors


Matching entrepreneurs like you with buiness mentors to help along each step of the way of starting and growing a business.

Offering you the support needed to take a great idea and turn it in to a business.

Life Force zone

Life Force Zone

The Life Force Zone helps to promote to the wider community through our online directory, events and indie retail space.

Networking events to encorage support and learning from each other

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