Life Force Hub have teamed up with Digitall Wallet to support small business and help reduce merchant costs. During these tough times businesses have to look at all areas to reduce costs and maintain the highest customer service.

The Digitall Wallet will reduce a companies current merchant rate by up to 50%, allowing businesses to make savings to those fixed costs they incur. 

Reasons for your business to adopt the Digitall Wallet 

Digitall is a method of receiving payment that is easy to add to any payment solutions, suitable for any offline or online retailer.

The fees that are currently charged to retailers for receiving a transaction, by either a credit or debit card can vary greatly. Retailers that choose to adopt Digitall as a mechanism of payment are able to choose from a range of competitive fee schedules.

Digitall have a pledge, which is to reduce the fees that are paid per transaction by at least 50%, when compared against any fee that is currently charged, by any of the retailers excisting merchant service providers.

In addition, retailers are incentivised further to promote client adoption, not only because of the savings they will make from the lower  transaction fees, but because they will then also share in the wallet adoption referral scheme.

When it comes to customers purchaing power, the digitall wallet allows your customers to pay using the main FIAT currencies, crypto or even with commodidites such as gold & silver.

For more information on the Digitall Wallet adoption referral scheme and to get the best possible merchant rate for your business, please email Jason on and we will arrange the introduction or download the wallet from your App Store and use Referral Code HOUDH7 to benefit from the best available rates.


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