5 Tips for Providing a Safe Online Shopping Experience to your eCommerce Clients

Every one of your online customers needs to be suitably reassured that their personal details will be handled securely and that their shopping experience will be a safe one in every way.

Choosing the right payment gateway will help to ensure that you address many of your security concerns and requirements and there are a number of key points that you need to review so that you can be sure your clients will enjoy a safe shopping experience.

A visual clue that your site is secure

A primary concern for every shopper is the prospect of their financial and personal details being stolen for fraudulent purposes.

That is why they look for the icon or prefix that signifies security certifications and confirms protocols are being employed to keep their details safe and secure.

Make sure you obtain an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) that encrypts data and gives your customers the reassurance they are seeking.

Make sure you have verification layers

On the subject of security, it is also very important to install authentication layers that serve the purpose of reassuring your shoppers that you take security seriously on your eCommerce site.

This means posing suitable security questions that need to be answered before login details are revealed and restored.

Meeting the required credit card processing standards

Before a customer trusts you with their card details they will want to be sure that you have met industry compliance requirements.

Your eCommerce site has to pass PCI compliance testing before you can take card payments and you might want to consider using a payment gateway to help this aspect of the sales process is covered.

Consider your payment options

Consumers will always prefer to be offered a choice of payment options and if you can’t give them a variety of ways to pay it could mean that they go to another site.

Secure shopping options that include trusted brands like PayPal will help to confirm that your site is big enough and takes customer service seriously by making it as easy to choose a suitable payment method that meets their needs and preferences.

It can be easy to make the assumption that as long as you offer card payment it should cover the needs of most shoppers but a percentage are reluctant to input their card details and want to be offered an option that they trust and want.

Redirects are a red flag

If your site is set up to send a customer to a third-party card processing site rather than complete the transaction on your own website it could deter a percentage of consumers who may well decide to abort the transaction because they don’t feel comfortable.

A redirect will usually be the catalyst for a warning to pop up on their screen with regard to SSL security and although that is normal, it is a scenario that will instill a certain level of fear and uncertainty that you don’t want any of your customers to have.

If you address these key points and partner up with a suitable payment gateway provider you should be able to tick all of the right boxes with regard to security, and that’s good news when it comes to reassuring consumers that your site is secure.


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